1. Conductor resistance measurement with an ammeter and a voltmeter
  2. Researching of an electric circuit with series connection of conductors
  3. Determination of the electrical circuit with parallel connection of conductors
  4. Assembly and testing of an electromagnet.
  5. Electromagnetic induction phenomenon observation
  6. Determination of the EMF and the current source internal resistance
  7. Investigation of an electrical circuit with a semiconductor diode
  8. Study of the electromagnetic induction phenomenon
  9. Determination of the energy of a charged capacitor
  10. Study of the electrical circuits
  11. Current and voltage measurements
  12. Conductor resistivity determination
  13. Power measurement of the electric current consumer
  14. Investigation of the electrolysis phenomenon
  15. Determination of the electric heater efficiency
  16. Determination of the capacitor resistance in the AC circuit
  17. Measurement of the inductance of the coil in the AC circuit
  18. Determination of the temperature coefficient of resistance of the metal
  19. The study of the dependence of the resistance of semiconductors on temperature
  20. The semiconductor diode investigation
  21. Shunts. Expansion of the ammeter measurement limits.
  22. Expansion of the voltmeter measurement limits
Electricity & Magnetism