Electronic learning resource “Physics Is Easy” is a collection of learning content meant for studying the subject of Physics in accordance with the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The content is divided into 4 thematic sections:

  • Mechanics;
  • Optics;
  • Electricity and Magnetism;
  • Molecular Physics and Thermodynamics.

In each of the sections, you can find guidelines for laboratory work in pdf format made in the form of a blank sheet which after printing is ready to be filled in by students.

In addition, the works are accompanied by short 3-5 minute video tutorials showing how to make up the setup required for the laboratory work and procedure for running an experiment.

The Online tab is an online version of the laboratory guidelines that allows you to enter the data obtained during the experiment directly into the online form and, after filling it in, to email it to the teacher for checking.

Electronic learning resource Physics Is Easy also contains a lot of simulations of various experiments, which allows to significantly extend the boundaries of the experiment and simulate experiments in a virtual laboratory.