1. Determining the scale division value of the measuring device
  2. Measurements of volumes of solid objects, liquids and bulk materials
  3. Measuring the size of small objects
  4. Measurement of the rotation period, the rotation frequency and the velocity of the object along the circumference
  5. Study of the simple pendulum oscillations
  6. Measuring the masses of objects by weighing
  7. Determination of the density of a solid object and liquid
  8. Investigation of the object elastic properties
  9. Determination of the sliding friction coefficient
  10. Determination of the body's floating conditions
  11. Elucidation of the conditions of the lever
  12. Determining of the performance coefficient of an inclined plane
  13. Determination of the body acceleration motion at uniformly accelerated motion
  14. Measurement of forces
  15. The equilibrium of the bodies under the influence of several forces
  16. Measurement of the average body speed
  17. Determination of the average value of the body acceleration during a uniformly accelerated motion
  18. Study of the object movement in a circle
  19. Study of the body movement thrown horizontally
  20. Measurements of the elastic body stiffness
  21. Measurements of the friction coefficient
  22. Determination of the plane figures center of mass
  23. Investigation of the elastic impact of two bodies
  24. Studying of the law of mechanical energy conservation
  25. Pendulum manufacturing and determining the period of its oscillations
  26. The study of body oscillations on a spring